I Lost 65 Pounds When I Finally Found A Workout I Loved


AFTER: 195

In college, I didn’t really pay attention to what or how much I was eating. It was pretty much: Portion control, what’s that? My meals were almost all from the dining halls, and because they were buffet-style, I would often have more than one helping of food.

For breakfast, I’d often have a bagel with cream cheese or cereal; sometimes I would have eggs over easy. Lunch would usually be a sandwich or a wrap in addition to the hot meal from the dining hall (like a meat and some type of carb such as potatoes, rice, or pasta with cheese). I’d almost always grab a baked good on my way out of the dining hall. For dinner, I’d usually eat something similar to lunch, such as the hot meal and pasta, sometimes accompanied by a salad. Ice cream was always an option in the dining hall, and it would be a frequent dessert for me. I also tended to order pad thai or Chinese food a lot, as it was easier than trekking to the dining hall when it was cold outside.