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The Benefits Of Pole Fitness

Slowly falling into a fitness pothole? Doing the same things, every day is sure way to create a rut. Get your groove back by trying a pole dance class.

You Ban Be Cellulite Free

Can you fight those unsightly superficial fat deposits? The good news is we can win this battle with a bit of cellulite cream, exercise and a healthy diet, and by following the seven tips…

5 Ways Your Insecurities Are Sabotaging Your Happiness

The dictionary defines insecurity as “being unsure, unstable, shaky, apprehensive, or lacking in self-confidence”.

Cancer: Prevent, Survive, Thrive

The top tips for preventing cancer given by health authorities such as the World Health Organization are don’t smoke, be physically active and eat a healthy diet. Exercising can help you prevent and survive cancer.

Focus On The Non-Scale Victories

Embarking on a fitness journey is always long and difficult. It’s easy to be caught up by the numbers on a scale. Have you lost weight, gained a gram or picked one up? We use this to help determine whether we are on the right track or if we should bump up our training regimen. […]

Balancing Fitness and Motherhood

If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed and overworked you are not alone! Being a fit mom is not an easy task in today’s busy life filled with endless to-do lists. We share some tips to bring back the balance.

There’s No Substitute for Hard Work

Far too many people are looking for the quickest way to lose excess weight, and preferably with as little effort as possible. Just the other day someone was telling me about this miracle water.

CrossFit Doesn’t Make You Big, Cupcakes Do!

By Wilna Appel, Head Coach and Owner of CrossFit PBM (As published in Fitness Magazine) One of my female CrossFitters recently said to me; “I’m scared that I’m going to get huge from CrossFit. It feels like all my muscles are growing, and it’s not stopping! What’s going on with me?” My first response to […]